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Divorce Mediation – The Less Expensive Alternative

Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation – The Less Expensive Alternative

If you or your spouse have decided that it is in your best interest to end the marriage, you and your spouse must select a divorce mediation Long Island mediator who will facilitate the Divorce Mediation between you and your spouse. The goal of the Divorce Mediation is to facilitate a quick and amicable settlement of all marital problems. The cost of the Divorce Mediation varies from one legal center to the next. It is very important that you select an experienced divorce lawyer who is familiar with the process and who can provide you with the highest level of legal representation. There are a number of Divorce Mediation centers available throughout Long Island where you may select a Mediation Court appointed representative or an independent Living Elder mediator.

There are several advantages to selecting Divorce Mediation over traditional litigation. The mediation process provides clients the chance to settle property, custody, and child support issues without having to go to court. Divorce Mediation can also be a less expensive and a positive option for some Long Island couples who aren’t seeking an extensive divorce settlement. There are no trial proceedings, which keeps the cost of the Divorce Mediation lower than filing suit and paying the high cost of attorneys.

There are certain things that you should expect when choosing to have a Divorce Mediation. First, you and your spouse will come to a mutually satisfactory resolution of all issues. When you and your spouse agree on key aspects of the settlement, it is a positive sign that the Divorce Mediation has been a successful. Most attorneys encourage their clients to select the Divorce Mediation process over other alternatives, because the process does offer an objective resolution. However, the process doesn’t guarantee the final resolution.

There is several Divorce Mediation Services located in the Nassau County of New York. Many couples elect to have both spouses participate in the Divorce Mediation, which takes place in the same room as litigation. Many times, if one spouse is represented by an attorney, the other spouse may choose to skip the Divorce Mediation and litigation. However, most Mediation Services is supervised by the Office of the Clerk at the Nassau County Office. You can learn more about the availability of Divorce Mediation in Nassau County by visiting their website.

At the initial consultation, both parties are usually represented. The purpose of the Divorce Mediation is to determine an objective outcome, which is typically expressed in a written agreement or a Court Report. A Divorce Mediation is usually accomplished with the assistance of a neutral third-party individual, such as a Social worker from the Office of the Clerk or an experienced divorce attorney. Both parties are encouraged to meet with their personal divorce mediator to discuss their current living situation, possible future changes, and their desire to reach an agreement before a meeting with a judge. When the mediator presents a format agreement, the parties are free to review it and provide input in terms of necessary modifications.

Often, a Divorce Mediation will also address a child custody/visitation dispute. In some cases, one spouse wants full custody of the children; the other spouse may request child visitation. If the spouse seeking child custody is unable to meet the visitation requirements, the spouse seeking child custody may request full-time visitation, post-judgment support, or periodic visitation with the children. Both spouses are expected to be cooperative during the Divorce Mediation process, as this will aid in the successful resolution of the case. This will not, however, resolve the issue of child custody/visitation.

In some cases, the mediators may choose to mediate without the presence of attorneys. This is particularly true if the parties involved cannot agree on a parenting plan or are having a difficult time coming to an agreement regarding any and all issues. Such a situation allows both spouses to work on an agreement without the intervention of lawyers and the expense of trial. As with attorneys, both spouses are encouraged to meet with their own lawyer prior to a mediation session to discuss any and all matters. Both spouses are also encouraged to obtain independent counsel if needed to better understand the issues and to obtain additional information regarding their case.

Divorce Mediation is frequently less stressful and much more helpful than going to trial. Mediation provides a neutral, third-party individual with the ability to mediate between the divorcing parties and their attorneys. There are many local attorneys who participate in Divorce Mediation, thereby offering their clients much more confidence in their chances of successfully negotiating a less expensive and less stressful settlement. Divorce Mediation provides the divorcing spouses with a less costly way to achieve a fair and just settlement.

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