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Divorce Mediation – Is Divorce Mediation Long Island or Short Island?

Divorce Mediation is often one of the most affordable ways to get through a divorce in Long Island. In fact, it is by far the most affordable. Divorce Mediation is a process in which a licensed divorce mediator facilitates communication between the divorcing parties and their attorneys. In a Divorce Mediation, the divorcing spouses individually or jointly hire a non-attorney independent mediator to visit with them in an attempt to discuss and iron out all the problems in the divorce. The divorced spouses then either choose to continue to try to work things out through their own negotiations or they choose to hire an Amicable Divorce Mediator who will help them communicate effectively.

Divorce Mediation

At the conclusion of each session, the mediator presents both the marital settlement agreement and the divorce agreement to the parties for signing. When a marital settlement agreement is reached, the mediator serves as an agreement broker. The purpose of this role is to facilitate the smooth transition into married life and the maintenance of good relationships with future spouses. Divorce Mediation can be extremely helpful for couples who are having marital difficulties that are not easily resolved. If the parties have amiable relationships prior to the mediation session, the marriage problems that arise during the sessions can often be resolved more quickly and cheaply than if there were no prior relationship to begin with.

Often, the cost of retaining a Long Island divorce mediator is the primary reason that clients agree to go to mediation rather than to file for a lawsuit. Many attorneys believe that if they simply advise their clients to seek a legal remedy when marital issues are still unresolved, they will save their reputations and retain business. This may not be true, but if you hire the right attorney, the legal costs associated with pursuing litigation could end up being recouped in a significant way. If you choose to go to mediation rather than legal representation, your attorney will be paid by the party against whom you seek relief.

Many attorneys who do not charge for their services offer a free consultation in which they can evaluate your situation. To receive a free consultation, you will need to fill out an online form or telephone a Long Island divorce mediation attorney. To find the best attorney to handle your case, ask your friends or coworkers for recommendations. Or, look for advertisements in local publications, on television and online. Many attorneys who offer free consultation sessions may require a client to make a payment before he or she receives the services.

Long Island divorce mediation will often last approximately forty-five minutes. During this time, the mediator will speak with both parties and select an experienced neutral third party to mediate between them. Once the selection of a neutral party is made, both parties are free to go. This allows each party the opportunity to speak directly to the person they would like to speak with regarding matters related to the divorce. At this point, either party may choose to remain present during the entire meeting or can take questions through the telephone if they prefer.

When the divorce mediator finishes speaking with one party, he or she informs the parties of any areas that require further clarification. Once everyone is satisfied with the information that was gained from the mediation, a written report is completed. The report contains all of the information that has been agreed upon by both spouses. This information is then filed with the court and reviewed by the judge.

Divorce Mediation can save you time and money. You should not have to pay court fees if you choose to use a professional divorce mediator. Your attorney will be able to advise you about the process of the mediation as well as any court fees that will need to be paid. In many instances, mediation results in less expensive final settlements than would be obtained by having a lengthy litigation process in the courts.

Divorce Mediation can help you move on with your life while allowing both you and your former spouse to focus on the positive aspects of your relationship. Divorce Mediation can take some of the pressure off of you when you are dealing with the difficult time in your life after a divorce. If you are having a difficult time obtaining fair settlements and would like to move forward without the added stress of litigation, then a Divorce Mediation may be the right choice for you.

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