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Divorce mediation is a practical alternative for couples who want to reach a successful, fair and amicable settlement without hiring their own personal attorneys. Divorce Mediation is an affordable alternative to traditional courtrooms for the same purpose. Divorce Mediation is highly recommended by experts as a cost effective means of settling your legal and financial liabilities towards one another. This method allows both parties to settle their liabilities privately before a judge or court of law.

Divorce Mediation

In divorce mediation, both spouses voluntarily agree to settle their financial liabilities and marital issues without the assistance of their attorneys. Divorce Mediation is conducted in accordance with the Uniform Divorce Process in all 50 states of United States of America. The aim of the process is to facilitate spouses in coming to an agreement regarding their existing financial conditions and liabilities, with an objective of avoiding court proceedings. The procedure involves two parties meeting in a neutral location and negotiating with their respective attorneys to arrive at a marital settlement agreement. This process is very productive because it provides a third party an opportunity to mediate between the divorcing couple, allowing both parties to focus on their respective careers and lives.

One of the main advantages of using divorce mediation as a means of settlement is that it provides the parties with an impartial and objective third party to mediate between them. By utilizing an experienced professional mediator, you are able to save thousands of dollars that would have been spent on expensive divorce court hearings. Divorce Mediation is also extremely helpful in saving time and money for both parties as the process allows the divorcing couples to freely talk about issues and concerns without fear of being sued by either party. It also allows the divorcing couples to make an unbiased decision regarding their marital settlement agreement without the threat of losing assets, properties, or any other items.

A skilled and experienced divorce mediator will provide you with many benefits by helping you resolve your issues. Divorce Mediation is typically used when both parties are interested in achieving a written agreement about key issues surrounding the dissolution of their marriage. For example, divorce mediation can be used to decide on child custody, visitation rights and support payments. If neither party is willing to work out an agreement then mediation can be employed to help the divorcing couple to determine what type of mediation they would need in order to arrive at a compromise.

Typically, divorce mediation occurs prior to the filing of the divorce petition with the courts. The court will request a temporary mediation to assist the parties in discussing their marital problems, to assist them develop a better understanding of their individual circumstances and to assist them to formulate a more practical and financially feasible separation agreement. On the other hand, if an uncontested divorce is the desire of both parties then divorce mediation can occur after the completion of the paperwork necessary to file with the courts. If an agreement is reached on all issues then the divorce is considered final and no further negotiations will be possible.

During the Divorce Mediation both parties are very anxious to have the opportunity to explore their concerns and come to an agreeable solution. The mediator’s role is to assist the parties in communicating and addressing their issues. In addition to that, the mediator will also assist them in identifying their strengths and weaknesses and using these factors to help them negotiate their respective separation settlements. In some instances where both parties are amicable, the divorce mediation may be a simple phone conference involving the attorney and the spouse. However, in more contested cases, divorce mediation could be a full-blown court-room encounter, including witnesses and forms of evidence.

As previously mentioned, each case is different and therefore requires a different Divorce Mediation Cost. Factors such as severity of the case, the length of the marriage, number of children, the quality of marriage and other related factors will all contribute to the Divorce Mediation Cost. For example, if one party has filed for divorce repeatedly, the cost will be substantially greater than if it was the first time. Also, if the parties have children together during the marriage, the process will take longer and will cost even more money. Once you have determined what your specific Mediation Cost will be, you can work with your divorce attorney to make sure that you choose the best mediator for the job.

Some states do not require their Divorce Mediation to be private. This means that your divorce mediator may discuss your case with your spouse or any other person who is not an attorney. In addition, attorneys are not required to participate in the process. Many attorneys recommend using a neutral third-party provider for the purpose of maximizing the effectiveness of mediation and avoiding any unnecessary conflict.

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