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How Long Does Divorce Mediation Take?

Divorce Mediation

The time required for divorce mediation depends on the complexity of the issues involved and the parties’ ability to reach an agreement. In general, mediation takes three to four sessions spread over three to six months, with more complex cases taking much longer. The duration of each session depends on the number of issues involved and the individual needs of each spouse. Here are some common factors to consider when deciding whether to pursue divorce mediation:

o Your willingness to cooperate: If you do not want to work with your spouse, you may want to consider going through divorce mediation if you are unable to reach a settlement without help. In most cases, this process makes significant progress, and the couple can come to an agreement on most or all issues. Even if you cannot reach an agreement through mediation, you can still work with an attorney to finish the process. In fact, most couples do make progress during divorce mediation, and most leave with a few remaining issues that need to be resolved after the divorce.

o You have the ability to work with a mediator because it is confidential. The mediator can help you stay focused and brainstorm solutions to problems. In addition to keeping things confidential, a mediator can be very helpful in allowing both parties to talk about the financial details of the divorce. This can lead to a more favorable settlement for both parties. The key to a successful mediation session is respect. A successful session can result in a comprehensive plan of action for the parties to follow in order to resolve the differences.

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