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Divorce Mediation – Is Divorce Mediation the Better Way to Divorce?

Divorce mediation is now a more viable option for many couples who want to achieve a peaceful, amicable parting or divorce with no hiring their own personal, opposing divorce attorneys. Divorce mediation is the wisest choice for couples experiencing a long term marriage crisis, especially if they want to achieve an amicable resolution of the financial and other marital issues that may arise during the course of a divorce. Divorce Mediation (or Divorce Mediation and Joint Custody) is a process of working with a neutral third-party person (a mediator) to agree upon and create written agreements regarding specific issues. Divorce Mediation is a much less stressful process, and it results in a quicker final resolution to your divorce.

There are some states in which you are required to have a licensed Divorce Attorney at your side at all times in a Divorce Mediation. For instance, in New York, licensed Divorce Attorneys are required to appear in Court and be ready to advise their clients on the proper proceedings for each of their respective cases, including whether they should seek a divorce lawyer and what type of divorce attorney would be best for a particular case. In certain Divorce Mediation proceedings, if a spouse requests the presence of a Divorce Attorney at the conclusion of the proceeding then both Divorce Mediation and Divorce Attorney will end unless one of the spouses is present at the conclusion of the proceedings.

Divorce Mediation is different from traditional courtroom proceedings because it utilizes objective, non-aligned third-party guidelines to help facilitate meaningful dialogue that can lead to productive results. Divorce Mediation is facilitated by licensed individuals whose goal is to aid spouses in realizing their potentials to resolve marital issues amicably. These professionals’ goal is not to arrive at a settlement and render judgment, but to assist their clients in examining their own personal situation, identifying their strengths and weaknesses that will support them in their efforts to resolve their marital problems, and in identifying creative ways to build stronger, more satisfying relationships. A Divorce Mediation can take place on an island, a cruise ship, or at a ski resort. In most instances, the parties to the divorce are notified well in advance of the actual mediation so that they have time to prepare and/or travel to the meeting. Some Divorce Mediation simply occurs naturally between spouses where both are naturally comfortable discussing their problems.

At the conclusion of Divorce Mediation, the Divorce Mediation Panel will review the case and determine whether or not to mediate the case and, if so, the next step will then be to select the appropriate Divorce Mediation Hosts. Each Divorce Mediation will have its own Chairperson and members will rotate as needed to accommodate a variety of Divorce Mediation Hosts with diverse skills, preferences, personalities and styles. The selected Divorce Mediation Host will then brief the parties and their Divorce Mediation Panel. Each Divorce Mediation will be provided with a written agreement that outlines the services and procedures agreed to by both parties and their Divorce Mediation Panel.

Divorce Mediation is designed to provide a cost effective and productive means of examining your unique situation and to assist you in identifying practical and viable solutions to your divorce settlement issues. By utilizing the tools, information and support you will find during your Divorce Mediation, you will be able to make more informed choices regarding the direction of your marriage and your future in general. Divorce Mediation can also help to ensure that the results of your divorce settlement are in your best interests and will offer you the peace of mind that your needs are being met in this challenging time.

Divorce Mediation does not have to end in a court of law. There are several ways to achieve a successful Divorce Mediation. Many lawyers and legal professionals are available to provide Divorce Mediation services at any time. Divorce Mediation can be achieved by contacting your local lawyers, and even non-lawyers who may be interested in participating in a Divorce Mediation in order to expedite your case. Divorce Mediation can also be accomplished online.

Divorce Mediation is one of the most effective ways of sorting out marital problems and getting your personal circumstances back on track. Divorce Mediation is often used by Long Island couples when a divorce is imminent, or to resolve other issues like the division of assets, child custody, visitation and spousal support. Divorce Mediation is often conducted before a proposed marriage occurs in an attempt to expedite the proceedings and obtain an immediate final agreement. Divorce Mediation offers a more relaxed environment, as both parties can come forward and share their concerns and have them addressed in a non-pressured setting. Divorce Mediation is often conducted by licensed and experienced Divorce Mediation attorneys.

Both parties are encouraged to participate in Divorce Mediation. This helps the spouses come together with an open mind, and allows each party to have an opportunity for an honest and candid exchange of information, feelings, and emotions. Through Divorce Mediation, the spouses can learn important information about their own current financial situation and how it may affect the marriage. The goal of Divorce Mediation is to help the divorcing spouses find more productive ways to resolve their differences without further stressing or intimidating them.

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